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Legend of Mana Music Selection



18 minutes total
  1. Legend of Mana (Title Theme)
  2. An Old Song
  3. World of Mana
  4. A Place with Heart
  5. Song of Mana (Ending Theme)
  • Released Jun 7, 2000 by Squaresoft (catalog no. 3TP-0012K, retail promo).
  • This CD is a promotional item given free to people who pre-ordered the U.S. game release of Legend of Mana.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Not worth Squaresoft's hype.

Reader review by Robert Estel

One of the reasons I picked up the game "Legend of Mana" was for the bonus music disc included with it. Initial impressions were that it had a nice CD case; for those familiar with the old Master P CDs, then the case looks like those. Color case, color inserts, and even color picture CD - it looks like a bit of decent work was put into this CD. However, upon reading the booklet, I noticed they forgot something else, the music! A pitiful five tracks is all that lies on the CD, and I find this very disapointing. Out of two full CDs of music they only picked five tracks clocking in at 18:34. Out of the five, the best tracks are the first and last one, the three middle ones are kind of ho-hum. Seeing how this CD is lacking, I'm afraid of what Squaresoft will do with the Threads of Fate and Chrono Cross music CDs. I hope in the latter case they make use of the 74 minutes, since they have three full CDs to pick from. Unfortunately, unlike Konami's bonus disc for "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night", this falls far short. After I play more into the game I'll judge on picking up the OST then. This disc is more a collectors item than anything else.

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