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Street Fighter II Image Album


  • Kanji Saitou (arrangement)
  • Ikuo Kataoka (arrangement, performance)
  • Kunihiro Tuji (arrangement, performance)


43 minutes total
  1. Theme of World Warriors (Title Demo)
  2. Go Flying Through the Air (Ryu)
  3. Meditations of Yogi (Dhalsim)
  4. Solid and Tough (Zangief)
  5. Power of Four (Four Devas of Medley)
  6. He is a Japanese 'Sumo' Wrestler (E. Honda)
  7. A Violent Emotion (Guile)
  8. To Your Heart with Passion (Chun Li)
  9. The Naked Man (Blanka)
  10. Fight it Out (Ken)
  • Released Nov 21, 1991 by Pony Canyon (catalog no. PCCB-00075, retail 2500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


If you liked the original music, you'll love this CD.

Reader review by Adam Edwards

I was never a fan of the SF II craze but I must admit the music was catchy, and this arrangement is certainly worthwhile. This is a special selection for us Duo gamers because our SFII Champion Edition was supposed to be a HuCard/CD combination game. It never came to pass, but there is a code in the game to kill the music which makes playing this CD in your TG+CD - not Duo - or stereo at the same time perfect (of course you have to manually adjust the tracks but it's worth it).

There are ten tracks here, one for the opening theme, one for all the bosses (the best on the CD), and one for each of the original eight fighters. The quality of the OSV directly corresponds to how good the arranged version is - i.e. the best of the stages are Ken, Ryu, and Guile. The boss music really deserves some attention, as the one track actually progresses smoothly from one to the next (with the exception of Balrog (Vega in the US) to Sagat) and back to M. Bison (Balrog in the US) at the end. Some of the tracks are rather odd, most notably is Honda's where the majority of the song has some sumo-like voices ranging from the left speaker to the right and back with music in the background. However, all in all, this CD is excellent, even though it is only forty minutes long.

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