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Adam Corn Dec 6, 2008

OC ReMix's official soundtrack is out and I'm assuming most of you have heard it by now.  (If not, what are you waiting for - it's free!)  I have to admit I was skeptical at first but props to the people at OCR for delivering an all-around excellent arranged album while managing to keep the spirit of the original intact.

So now let's get to it... favorite character themes!  Feel free to list the HD versions where appropriate.

1. Dosu-Koi (E. Honda Stage)
2. Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage)
3. New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)
4. Mountain Breaker (Akuma Stage)
5. Street Market (Chun-Li Stage)

Ken's, Blanka's and Zangief's music are also excellent!  I wish the HD version of Bison's theme were used for the main version - that drum n bass is so right.

Bonus Poll: Favorite Ending Theme

Long Leg of the Law (Chun-Li Ending 3)

Would love to write more but have some last-minute Japanese studying to do.  Let's see those picks!  (Jay and Angela, feel free to double-post here.  I wanted to get a proper thread going in the game music forum asap.)

Angela Dec 6, 2008

Adam Corn wrote:

(Jay and Angela, feel free to double-post here.  I wanted to get a proper thread going in the game music forum asap.)

Good idea.  And this way, the OCRemix guys will be able to get more due credit exposure too.

As I said, I absolutely love Alex Esquivel's and Prozax's Clamato Fever, used for the title menu BGM.  Which isn't to take away from Sixto Sounds' version Made In U.S.A. (Dig that title!)  Both are amazing arrangements of Ken's Stage. 

Felix's Spittin' Narcissism (Vega's Stage), Malcos and Red Tailed Fox's Army Girl (Cammy's Stage), djpretzel's Dosu-Koi (Honda's Stage), and Malcos' Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalsim's Stage) make themselves distinct by their softer, sometimes ethereal instrumentation, and it's quite the neat listen.  Then there are tracks that I'm glad they didn't alter too much from the original, such as Street Market (Chun Li's Stage) and Combat and Service (Guile's Stage).  I particularly love the heavy damage variation of Guile's Stage; that opening riff beat just before it explodes into the song proper is totally ace.  But The Grammar Club's Red Cyclone (Zangief's Stage) could very well be my favorite character theme here; both at once funky and rockin', the instrumentation and performance is top shelf across the board.   

Another Soundscape got the privilege to arrange my favorite SF2 song of all time (and indeed, one of my favorite VGM pieces, period), and he doesn't disappoint. The World Warriors puts together the SSF2 variation of the Staff Roll theme in a tight, zippy happy hardcore-esque package; the catchy, soaring melody is retained in its full glory, and the variation or two thrown in placed a broad smile on my face the first time I heard it.  It's just a damned shame the song gets cut off prematurely in the game itself.

Jay Dec 6, 2008

Hard to pick an order. There are so many great tracks to choose from. I think right now, these would be my faves:

1) Flying Heaven (Fei Long's theme)
2) New Mexican Thunderbird (T.Hawk's theme)
3) Mercenary Boxing (Balrog's theme)
4) Murder Instinct (Akuma's theme)
5) Army Girl (Cammy's theme)

But there are many more greats. Dhalsim's, which I mentioned in the other thread, Vega's and more.

A fantastic collection of tunes and excellent work by the OC crew. I love it.

Amazingu Dec 6, 2008

Yeah, I like what they've done with this soundtrack as well, mostly.
If I had to place my favorites in order, it would look something like this:

1. Clamato Fever. Okay, it's the menu song and not an actual stage song, but it's Ken's theme, so it counts dammit wink The simple rock arrangements still work as far as I'm concerned.
2. Red Cyclone (Zangief Stage) REALLY love that opening. Always have, and now they improved on it smile
3. Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalsim Stage) Yeah, I guess it's kinda obvious as far as arrangements go, but, like Jay said, a calmer version just works better than the rather chaotic original.
4. Army Girl (Cammy Stage) This one just works so well with the actual stage. I still don't know why we can see Aurora Borealis in Britain, but this song fits perfectly with that dreamy atmosphere.
5. Flying Heaven (Fei Long) Like how this builds up, and I actually appreciate the liberty they took with the original song.

XLord007 Dec 7, 2008

Can't say I'm quite as enamored with their work on this as others have been, but I really do like what they did with Fei Long's theme.

Daniel K Dec 16, 2008

Checked this out, and am glad I did. Its a quite good remix of the old classic. Don't intend to rank my favourite themes, I'll just say that I think Malcos did the overall best work, most of his remixes felt like they really elaborated on what was already there. I really liked what he made out of Ryu's and Cammy's themes. Also, zircon's Fei Long remix was awesome, as most people have already mentioned (but with source material that great, its hard for a skilled remixer to go wrong).

Angela Jan 10, 2009

Just want to jump on the New Mexican Thunderbird wagon 'o love. Spaghetti Western for the win! Great job, Vurez. :)

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