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Magical Penguin Jan 5, 2008

Has anyone heard this soundtrack before? I saw this listed on GMR Online and I was curious if the soundtrack was any different from the Super Street Fighter II original soundtrack, aside from the "close to death" tracks.

Zane Jan 9, 2008

That SSF2X Soundtrack looks pretty good, actually! My problem with the SSF2 album is how it was put together with all of those endings breaking up the disc. The flow of the X CD looks damn good, and there's Akuma's Stage on there, too.

Magical Penguin Jan 9, 2008

Chris wrote:

The main difference is the Heading Into K.O. tracks as you said. The soundtrack is very rare and I've never seen a rip available.

For more information, compare the following links: … uper.shtml … perx.shtml

From what I've heard, the information on Square Enix and GMR Online is incorrect as far as the date of the release is concerned -- I'm being told it was more like a 1994 release.  Thanks for the information on the tracks and differences, though. I thought that they might have increased the quality a little, but like Zane said, it's probably a more sensible SSF2 soundtrack.

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