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Yuvraj Feb 12, 2006

As far as Street Fighter 2 goes, this is imo the most solid as an album. Most pieces have a laidback feel to them, and some songs have been eh 'dramatized', they have a heavier tone (particulary the Guile, Ken and Ryu arrangements). Rock and fusion are the dominant styles. The Guile arrangement is the highpoint of this cd.

It's worth checking out. Personally speaking, there is not a single SF2 arrange album that really suits me. Great arrangements scattered throughout.

Zane Feb 12, 2006 (edited Feb 12, 2006)

No vocals except for some samples on Dee Jay's theme, and the album has a smooth rock /fusion vibe to it. Lots of clean guitars and great solos/melodies.

I agree with Yuvraj on all counts. You should check it out if you like rock, but be warned that it's not metal or anything. There's one on eBay for damn cheap right now: … dZViewItem

Angela Feb 12, 2006

Why not give some samples a listen?  I just made up a 11 MB, nine minute medley of most of the tracks, with the exception of Dee Jay and Sagat's themes. (Though if you really want to hear those two, I could throw together a sample of those as well.)

SF2, Yuji T. style medley sample

American Nightmare Feb 12, 2006

Thanks for the info, especially to Angela for the sound samples...I'm sold!  Someone already snagged the $10 steal on eBay (rats!), but I found another on eBay for $16.99, so I'm still stoked.  I can't wait the hear the rest of it!

XLord007 Feb 13, 2006

Zane wrote:

No vocals except for some samples on Dee Jay's theme...

I love that Dee Jay theme.  Cracks me up every time.

Zane Feb 13, 2006

American Nightmare wrote:

Someone already snagged the $10 steal on eBay (rats!)

The funnist thing about that is that I've had that on my watch list for literally three weeks and it's been up for $10 the whole time. I post it here for you and someone grabs it before you even have the chance. Great sportsmanship.  *leers at everyone else*

XISMZERO Feb 15, 2006

I've always dubbed this one the "slow" arrangement album to Street Fighter II as Toriyama has chosen to arrange everything in a slower-paced fashion than the originals or even other arranges. In the jungle of pretty mediocre albums (from the "Artist Album" to the slightly better Sing!! Instrumental Version). After listening to all the Street Fighter II arrange albums over the years, Alph-Lyla with Yuji Toriyama is the best, most quality package (Toriyama can play one mean guitar solo!) you'll get out there. Some arrangements on here sound inspired by Joe Satriani (Hearts of Fire) and even Pat Metheny (Missing Link).

It definitely has that more senuous side of rock and guitar even if not as jazz-leaning as my beloved Rockman X Alph-Lyla with Toshiaki Ohtsubo.

Fans of the guitar (and or 80's/90's rock) will truly dig this album even if that Dee Jay track is on there...

GoldfishX Feb 15, 2006

I'm generally a rock fan, but the only track from this album that jumps out at me is "Remembrance ~Cammy's Theme" (which made the album worthwhile, IMO). It's a solid listen, but I wouldn't quite call it a great one. It's nice having some of the few "new" fighter arrangements, but I've just heard the rest done better elsewhere.

I'd get Street Fighter Tribute before this one, without question.

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