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Street Fighter III: New Generation



54 minutes total
  1. Prelude ~Ranking Display~
  2. Opening
  3. Player Select
  4. Vs
  5. Jazzy-NYC (underground edit) ~Stage NewYork 1~
  6. Leave Alone ~Stage London~
  7. Winner 1
  8. Crowded Street ~Stage Hong Kong~
  9. Sharp Eyes ~Stage Japan 1~
  10. Wait a Minute! ~Judgement Girls~
  11. Good Fighter ~Stage Japan 2~
  12. Tomboy ~Stage Africa~
  13. Winner 2
  14. Get on a Train ~Stage Siberian Railway~
  15. Cave Man ~Stage Brazil~
  16. Here Comes a New Challenger
  17. The Judgment Day ~Stage Greece~
  18. Jazzy-NYC (street edit) ~Stage New York 2~
  19. After the Fight ~Ending 1~
  20. Spirits ~Ending 2~
  21. Tomorrow ~Ending 3~
  22. Family ~Ending 4~
  23. My Friend ~Ending 5~
  24. Flash Back - Again ~Ending 6~
  25. Escape ~Ending 7~
  26. Beginning to the Next ~Staff Roll~
  27. Continue
  28. Game Over
  29. Voice Collection
  30. BPM 1 14 ~Name Entry~
  31. S.E. Collection
  • Released Jun 4, 1997 by Victor (catalog no. VICL-60055, retail 2205 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Not your typical fighting music but easy to relax to.

Reader review by Erik Menjivar

The long-awaited Street Fighter III New Generation soundtrack is finally here, and I must say I'm quite impressed. This CD features the original music heard in the arcade game.

Many of the tunes, such as "Get on a Train" and "Leave Alone", have a jazzy feel to them. My personal favorite would have to be Ibuki's theme, "Sharp Eyes", which sounds like something straight out of a movie. It is the type of song that you can relax to.

For those who are wondering whether or not this game got any old songs back (again), the answer is "no". *All* songs are completely new. "Good Fighter", which is both Ken and Ryu's theme, is a completely new song which doesn't have the seriousness that their old songs used to have, but has a catchy beat to it.

Overall I really enjoyed this soundtrack. It's not your typical fighting music, but I can honestly say that it is something you can sit back, relax, and listen to.

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