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VGMaddict! Feb 17, 2009

Does anyone know if this ever got a release? I bought the 2 japansese osts a long time ago, but the music is different. Was there ever an official release? If not, where can I get the music?

silentdrifter5 Feb 17, 2009

I've looked for a U.S. release and to my knowledge there never was one released; just the two soundtracks that you've described. A lot of people will argue that the original Japanese score was better while other people (also me) think that the American version was superior. Anyhoo, try here:

XISMZERO Feb 18, 2009

Wow, someone managed to put together a soundtrack to the US version. I have looked for a while for the theme played while Bison and his cohorts make their entrance -- it's a bad ass theme.

Both Japanese soundtracks were composed by guitarist Yuji Toriyama, the same man who arranged the Street Fighter II Alph Lyla arrange album. There's some good tunes on the Japanese albums; not unexpectedly jazzy, cheese rock and of course some surprises.

Adam Corn Feb 20, 2009

I only heard bits and pieces of the Japanese OST but for all the blabbering at the time about how they shouldn't have changed the soundtrack I didn't see what all the fuss was about.  The U.S. score did have its share of generic tuneage as I recall but a few cues like the linked "Ryu's Meditation" theme are quite decent (even better without the cheeky American dialog big_smile).

And KMFDM's "Ultra" was such an awesome choice for the Chun Li vs. Vega fight.  Synced perfectly to the action, mega-intense and it makes Vega all the more wicked.

brandonk Feb 22, 2009

Actually, would really like to hear the SF animated movie JP soundtrack. (never heard this).  Alpha Lyla arranged album is an all-time favorite

Idolores Feb 23, 2009

Liked this sample. This seriously never got a release, or really just that rare?

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