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vert1 Jan 21, 2012 (edited Mar 30, 2014)


Obviously people here know what I think of a Resident Evil game without Mikami. Ignoring all that, I am hoping in this thread people talk more about mechanics instead of characters and story. But I am not going to insist on that. I just prefer it versus the million other threads or youtube comments on the internet speculating over what character or story is in the trailer.

The Positive: the sliding to immediate 180 degree turn and shooting was pretty f---ing sick though. (2:51-2:54). (Basically taking Shadows of the Damned gundrawn quick turn with Vanquish sliding). However, the application use of this is fairly limited as it is suicidal in RE4 to have anyone behind you when attacking enemies in front of you (sandwich). In the video you see the player doing this maneuver which turns his back to enemies. This will get you killed.

The Gears of War stuff in RE5 was super poorly implemented. The monster arm that grabs your character hiding behind cover is good for eliminating campy playstyles which was anti-RE4. In RE4 the beginning established rushing from one area to the next. Staying in one place was a great way to get surrounded and killed (for instance the tower would result in enemies throwing molitov cocktails at you and having your only exit blocked off).

The melee move with the axe to the head look pretty slick. It looks as if it is a one-time use weapon that could be recovered from dead bodies. I wouldn't mind them putting back the self-defense weapons.

edit: It looks like Leon is moving while aiming at 1:16-1:17.
edit 2: The game has dual wielding (two pistols held by Leon).

Stuff taken from Neogaf forums

Quick Info Guide:
-Ashley is the blonde female character
-Splitscreen returns (for two people)
-2-6 player co-op
-2-8 player online
-Moving/shooting is in
-Cover system is in
-Game takes places in 2013 *and* 10 years after Raccoon City (this is conflicting...)
-Info on a demo will arrive in the coming months
-It is implied co-op is seen in the trailer
-150 person development team, 600 total with all outsourcing/support staff
-In development for 2 years so far
-Note: When it says 1-2 offline, the same is listed on Gears of War 3's page, which has AI co-op partners:

Where that info comes from: Update: (via miladesn)

cvxfreak wrote:

Regarding gameplay, it focuses on fear, excitement, and (to be impressed).

Sasaki wrote:

As a big BH fan I wanted to really incorporate tons of ideas into this game, the greatest horror property. Please look forward to it.

Hirabayashi wrote:

Biohazard 6 will be the biggest Biohazard yet. (will have the largest scale by far)


kentuckybob wrote:

Resident evil died when they chose gun battles over atmosphere. The survival aspect was what set it apart. Now its just another ten a penny gun upgrading achievment unlocking health respawning auto saving exploration-less cover shooter.

Idolores Jan 22, 2012

Whatever happens, I hope it turns out to be more RE4 and less RE5. That co-op nonsense needs to disappear from RE.

XLord007 Jan 22, 2012

I have mixed feelings about the trailer.  The parts that remind me of RE4 look pretty cool, but the parts that look like the older games (burning cars in town, etc.) aren't doing anything for me.  I'm also not entirely sure it's appropriate to have a cover system in an RE game, but that's another story.

Amazingu Jan 22, 2012

I'm okay with it as long as they keep the co-op element OUT of the single player element.
I do NOT want to be babysitting anyone for the entire game.

vert1 Feb 16, 2012

New enemy details:

The BSAA named these creatures after the Serbian word for "demon;" they're even more dangerous than the typical zombie, and are capable of understanding speech and coordinating attacks. That said, they're still mutated monstrosities, so they're not exactly calm or collected when it comes to tactics.

When injured, a J'avo can regenerate itself, but doing so leaves the body prone to further mutation. The arm above probably started off as a usual appendage, but Chris' attacks have caused the J'avo to step up his game. From a gameplay perspective, this offensive, possibly unpredictable power will change the way you approach enemies.


Enemy sounds cool. It becomes stronger if you don't kill it! I wonder if the developer will have the enemy take cover when injured in order to regenerate safely.

I hope there is a cutscene where it rips its own arm off.

vert1 Apr 13, 2012 (edited Apr 13, 2012)

Games to be released on October 2nd. IMPORTANT: Below contains plot spoilers:

Capcom released new screenshots and trailer of [Biohazard] Resident Evil 6. Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said that around 600 staffs working on the Resident Evil 6 project, and 150 are in-house staff. The game will have around 30 hours of gameplay, each of the 3 protagonists will have their own story, you can play the 3 characters in any order you like. All 3 characters will wind up in the same area in China.

The 3 main characters Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and new comer Jake Muller will have their own partners. Jake Muller is Albert Wesker's son, but he has been abandoned by Wesker when he was a child. Jake's story starts in eastern European country Edonia, he is a mercenary specializes in close combats, his partner is Sherry Birkin from RE2, the daughter of G-Virus creator William Birkin. Jake is immune to the new C-Virus that has infected the RE6 world, he is the key to fight the C-Virus in the story.

Leon's campaign is a mix of RE4 and RE2, he will begin is story with partner Helena in an abandoned university building. He will help a lost girl Liza reunite with her father, but then Liza turned into a zombie by the C-Virus and killed her father, at the end she also bites Leon.

A new type of zombie called J'avo will be in the game, which can regenerate itself into more power monsters. The C-Virus infected zombies will have intelligence like picking up weapons to attack you.

Capcom will probably kill Leon to take the final piss on the series. Anyhow, I think segmenting a game into hand-to-hand combat, RE4 style combat*, and cover-based shootouts will probably end up with comments about players wanting to skip over the undesirable segments. It would be very challenging for Capcom to get all 3 styles right. It seems games are losing their focus and trying to branchout to appeal to everyone.

Very annoying everyone has a partner. I was hoping one segment would be like Clock Tower games, the other segment would be a solo Leon playthrough, and the last undesirable segment would be a Gears of War segment.

*Not RE4 styled, but Gears of War/Shadows of the Damned styled.

Ashley Winchester Apr 13, 2012

You know, no offense, but you may want to hide some of the stuff you quoted. There are some MAJOR spoilers in that block of text...

avatar! May 27, 2012

Ashley Winchester wrote:
Crash wrote:

The limited edition is going to be a doozy: … -4nwd.html

The question is, is it going to be worth $1700?

I can't imagine anything related to video games being worth $1700. I can see spending that on a console plus a large library of games for that console but for one SE release? Cripes....

Agreed! This takes Limited Edition to a whole new level... by the way, does SE stand for Stupid Edition? as in, you were stupid to just spend $1700 on a game where you don't even get the soundtrack...but hey, to each their own. In the US, this would never sell. Perhaps in Japan some people spend this kind of cash on games??

XISMZERO May 27, 2012

$1,700 looks as if it's coming right out of the exorbitantly priced jacket. It's nothing special by the looks of it either. They should charge half that and give fans a much better, unique RE4 Leon jacket than that poor replica by Phantom/e-Capcom one. Even at that price, the jacket really ought to be a 1:1 replica and made of the finest quality, no excuses.

avatar! May 27, 2012


$1,700 looks as if it's coming right out of the exorbitantly priced jacket. It's nothing special by the looks of it either. They should charge half that and give fans a much better, unique RE4 Leon jacket than that poor replica by Phantom/e-Capcom one. Even at that price, the jacket really ought to be a 1:1 replica and made of the finest quality, no excuses.

That's an excellent point. What is the quality of the leather jacket, and where is it made? $1700 would get you a very high quality Italian leather jacket, if you were so inclined to spend that kind of money. Somehow, I have a feeling the jacked in this edition is made in China, although I could be mistaken but if someone knows the answer I am curious.

vert1 Jul 4, 2012

Survival horror games generally lose a bit of punch when your health automatically regenerates. Yet it also changes the strategy of the game and gives newer players a bit of leeway. Resident Evil 6 seems out to split the difference between tradition and welcoming new players.

Players are swarming over the newly released Xbox 360 demo and are surprised to find that the health system has been altered. The health meter has been changed to a series of blocks; once a block is empty, it won't refill. However if you have even a sliver of health left in a block you can recover the whole block eventually. The famous herbs come in to refill empty blocks completely.

Of course any change to a franchise will be controversial. But this one has gamers arguing over whether the franchise has lost its bite.

It is worth noting that nobody outside of Capcom has seen what effect this has on the whole game, whether this change applies to all difficulty modes, or whether different levels of difficulty have faster or slower recovery times. But when has that ever stopped an argument over a video game on the Internet?

source: … ing-health

vert1 Aug 2, 2012

Capcom released new screenshots and videos of Biohazard 6 / Resident Evil 6, showing the new Ada Wong campaign and Agent Hunt mode. In Ada's campaign she will encounter Leon Kennedy through her journey; and in the Agent Hunt mode multiple players will play as the zombies and monsters to take out the human players.

source with video + pics:

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