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Dais Jul 21, 2009

Amazingu wrote:
allyourbaseare wrote:

Please support this one and pick it up new!

It's not actually GOOD, you know?

what didn't you like about it?

Amazingu Jul 21, 2009

Dais wrote:

what didn't you like about it?

Well, the controls mostly.
Having to move your character by rolling a ball is a retarded (and imprecise) way of controlling.
It's nice to see noone learned anything from the CD-I apparently.

Not that it matters, cos there's nothing to do anyway except pick up some coins along the road.
And then there's the mind-numbingly dull first person combat scenes that made me so indifferent towards the Dragon Quest series.

I picked this game up because I LOVE the Wizard of Oz story, but even that wasn't handled particularly interestingly.

Truly, the only good thing about this game was its soundtrack, and that's coming from someone who thinks Sakimoto is hugely overrated...

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