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avatar! Aug 15, 2007

One of the best games ever! I must admit, that I've only played GH2 (on the PS2)... but eventually I'd like to get GH1 as well, although I've heard the 80s compilation leaves a lot to be desired. So, for those of you love it, what's your favorite song? What's the hardest level you've finished? Favorite moments?

I've only finished it on medium, and have yet to finish it on hard (let alone expert)! Favorite song is Jessica by the Allman Brothers, although there are a lot of cool songs other than Jessica of course smile Favorite character: Judy Nails, although I haven't played them all yet. Favorite guitar: I rather like the fish, not sure why, but it's kinda neat (of course, I haven't unlocked most of the others)...

Looking forward to the next installment!



Wanderer Aug 15, 2007

I've played some of it. I don't care for the music but the game itself is quite a bit of fun... although I'm not very good at it. wink

I think people would need to practice for years just to finish expert difficulty. neutral

GoldfishX Aug 15, 2007 (edited Aug 15, 2007)

Right here!

I started out curious about it, then I got to play it (and I found out there was quite a competitive scene for it in my Otakon, there were about 5 stations with it and there was a massive line at each one) and now I'm working diligently on boosting scores, clearing hard and expert, looking at tracklists for GH3 (Talk Dirty to Me, She Builds Quick Machines, Rain in Blood, Welcome to the Jungle and Number of the Beast...YES! Rock Band would look far more attractive, but it's got shit for a tracklist ATM), watching Jordan videos on Youtube (lol) and all that fun stuff. It's an amazing game and exactly the type of pick-up-and-play arcade game I was looking for, since fighters are on long-term hiatus at the moment. Something like this could go a long way in actually reviving arcades.

I always use Pandora with the double-neck Gibson (forgot the exact name of it), but I'll be switching to Slash/Les Paul for GH3 once I get him unlocked.

The one thing I hated about it is the jump from Medium to Hard. Adding more gems, a speed increase, added chords and the orange fret all at once is too much (Shout at the Devil on Hard is way harder than Freebird or Jordan on Medium). There should have been something between the two to lessen the jump - add the orange fret and added notes without the speed increase. I've gotten used to it (medium moves at a snail's pace now), but it was jarring at first. Playing medium with mostly just my index and middle finger and double-strumming was good practice, as opposed to playing with fingers locked in place/single strums.

Generally good song selection too...It's great being able to play Sweet Child/Shout at the Devil/Wayward Son (among others) and I actually bought a couple albums as a direct result of GH2 exposure (Danzig, Wolfmother, Friedman-era Megadeth), but a fair number I'm happy to just take my three/four stars and not see again (f--- you, Heart Shaped Box! Jordan aside, I don't plan on spending too much time on the bonus tracks.)

Ryu Aug 15, 2007

^ Not a Nirvana fan, huh?

I am not addicted to the game, but I really should be if I ever want to get anywhere in Hard mode.

GoldfishX Aug 15, 2007 (edited Aug 15, 2007)

Ryu wrote:

^ Not a Nirvana fan, huh?

I like them about as much as I adore Sakimoto.

Even that aside, HSB is just a boring song to play. It's not even hard on Hard...Just repetitive and too long. I like the song "Message in a Bottle", but I feel the same way about actually playing it.

Zane Aug 15, 2007

First things first: avatar!, if you do pick up the first GH, be prepared for a noticable change in control. The notes aren't as easy to hammer-on and pull-off, so you may miss some notes if you play the same way that you play GHII. You'll have to strum more to make sure you hit all of the notes. I remember going back to GH after GHII and I was getting heated because I kept missing notes! Then I realized that the control was different. It's not unmanageable, I just wanted you to be aware of it.

I still play the first Guitar Hero regularly. Guitar Hero II has better play control (the hammer-ons and pull-offs work awesome), but I didn't find the overall game as fun or as "monumental" as the first. I wrote a review (that is surprisingly neutral) for it here: I played Rocks the 80's at a friend's house last week, and I wasn't impressed. Most of the songs suffered from "Heart Shaped Box-itis".

GoldfishX wrote:

It's not even hard on Hard...Just repetitive and too long.

... that about sums up how I feel about most of GHII and GH 80's.

But, to me, the first GH is gold. I don't know if it's because it is the first game in the series that I played, or if the song list just fits me better, or what, but I can't pull myself away from it. I usually play on Expert (and have finished the Career Mode on Expert), but if I just want to relax and have some fun I'll play on Hard. My favorite song to play is "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone age on Expert... that power chord part in the middle gets me every time. There's a good mix of single note riffs, crazy finger-movement parts and good ol' fashioned rockin' to keep me interested. I also love playing Bark at the Moon on Expert, but I've yet to 5-star that one. I need more practice on the solo and end riff. I can hammer out most of the song without missing a note now, but once things get crazy my meter goes in the red.

That being said, I'm not too hyped about GH3 or Rock Band. I'll check them out at a friend's house or something, but I won't be investing in them myself. I am very weary after GHII and 80's, as well as the split to Activision and the inclusion of boss battles.

allyourbaseare Aug 15, 2007

Rock Band is a travesty to anyone who is a serious drummer.  I can't see them taking that seriously.

GoldfishX Aug 15, 2007 (edited Aug 15, 2007)

allyourbaseare wrote:

Rock Band is a travesty to anyone who is a serious drummer.  I can't see them taking that seriously.

Not that I know anything about learning drums, but how is Rock Band's set-up so bad? Other than the fact you're beating on a game peripheral with a real set of drumsticks...That's bad news waiting to happen (and another reason I'm waiting, other than lack of a 360 and the tracklist). I think it's a real draw if it can teach aspects of learning drums, considering it's primarily a game and not an actual simulator. It's supposed to make you FEEL like Tommy Lee, not MAKE you Tommy Lee (and if it does...hey, more power to you!)

At this point, I think of it more of an engine than a set of games and it's dependent on what songs get fed into it. HSB/Message in a Bottle were just awful choices, being five minutes apiece and full of the same handcramping/boring riffs. Shout at the Devil and Trippin On a Hole in a Paper Heart aren't radically different riffwise from them, but their brevity is a plus and I think they're a lot more fun to play as a result. My main thing would be, encores and entertaining stuff like Hangar 18 (11 guitar solos!) aside, cap stuff at four minutes. At most.

If Neversoft is smart, they'll just leave things as is and work on building the songlist and gem placement. The core game can't get any simpler...If these guys can keep pumping out Tony Hawk sequels for close to 10 years without the series totally dying off due to stagnation, I think they should be able to handle setting gems on five columns in tune to popular music.

As for boss battles...I hope they leave the Mario Kart stuff as an option to the side for 2P modes, but considering there's only going to be 3 in GH3's 1P mode, that's acceptable...At least it's different from "beat 4 songs, encore, rinse and repeat". I'm not enthusiastic about them, but I think I'll just play them to get it done and that will be that...

Edit: Another guest star announced recently...Bret Michaels of Poison will "sing" in the game. Guess that means either "Talk Dirty to Me" or the Bret Michaels Band song will be an encore...

Stephen Aug 15, 2007

Note that Rock Band is being made by Harmonix, so it should be as monumental as Guitar Hero I was.
Neversoft is handling Guitar Hero III.

allyourbaseare Aug 16, 2007

From what I've seen of the drum setup, it looks like they have no specific pads for high-hats or cymbals (wtf?).  It looks like a snare drum, bass drum, and 3 toms.  That's fine and dandy if you want to learn rhythm, but I can't see much in the aspect of improvisation and expansion.  Maybe it just irks me because I am a drummer and no one really panders to our needs.

GoldfishX Aug 16, 2007

wiki wrote:

The drum controller is similar to the DrumMania arcade game, and will be based on striking one of 4 foam pads, representing the snare drum, tom-tom, hi-hat, and crash/ride cymbals. The set will also feature a kick pedal for bass drum and will ship with a pair of authentic drumsticks. The legs of the drum peripheral can adjust in height or be detached if the user wishes to place it on a table-top, while the kick pedal can be adjusted laterally. Harmonix representatives have said on numerous occasions that "If you can play the drum parts on hard, you can pretty much play the drums [in reality]."

That's the line from wiki.

Crash Aug 16, 2007

I know that in DrumMania, you can plug a Yamaha DTXpress drum set right into your PS2 (through the USB connection) and play on that.  If you are a serious drummer, it might be worth looking into.  Is there similar compatibility in Rock Band?

XLord007 Aug 19, 2007

I file Guitar Hero in the same pile as Smash Bros. and Halo which is to say that I respect it, but I don't particularly like it.  I mean, it looks fun and I can totally understand why people love it, but it just doesn't do a whole lot for me.

GoldfishX Aug 25, 2007 (edited Aug 25, 2007)

Loads of new announcements, songwise...They're up to 46 now. Lots of bands I haven't even heard of...and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" <3. That'll make a nice opening lick. Still not too late to include "Eruption" or more Megadeth/Anthrax. No Pandora though (her "features" were combined into Judy's apparently)...That sucks, but at least Midori will pick up some of the slack... … ds_of_Rock

The more they get into customization with this game, the better it's going to get. I just got Rock the 80's a few days ago and while it's more of the same, I'm really enjoying playing a lot of the songs...probably because I like a lot of the songs to begin with. When they start giving people more choices about what to play, it'll really take off.

I think on average, 80's is easier than GH2, but it still throws in plenty of tricky spots (seemingly at weird times...I had a perfect going on Bang Your Head my first time -hard mode-, then two weird solos at the end messed me up after I made it past the "main" solo) and Expert seems to have a lot more triples than I remember from 2 (not that I tear ass on expert yet, but I can hold my own for right now). Money well spent, but I probably wouldn't buy "Encore 90's: Rocks Seattle". Encore: Neoclassical Shredfest might be more tempting. Although I think I dislike "Holy Diver" far more than I did "Heart-Shaped Box" (both the song and the pattern)

And in other news..."Highway Star" for Rock Band. Fun! That, "Paranoid" and "Enter Sandman" are the only songs I care about on that one so far. Harmonix better have some aces up their sleeves on that one...

GoldfishX Sep 23, 2007 (edited Sep 23, 2007)

Seems Game Informer got in an early review...They said this is the hardest GH so far, but the main thing was the timing for hitting the notes was made easier. That's odd...I think it's pretty lenient as is. It got an 8.75 and 9. Kind of odd, since at least 22 songs are still unknown (they didn't mention any songs by name, so I wager they just reviewed an early burn without all of the songs implemented to beat everyone else to print...Sneaky bastards!).

On a secondary note, they scored Dracula X 7/7.25 because they felt the walking speed was too slow and got tired of endlessly dying. Ah, Game Informer, how I love you guys...

Angela Sep 23, 2007

GoldfishX wrote:

Kind of odd, since at least 22 songs are still unknown (they didn't mention any songs by name, so I wager they just reviewed an early burn without all of the songs implemented to beat everyone else to print...Sneaky bastards!).

ScoreHero had posted an apparent leak of the final tracklisting earlier this month.  73 songs, including the co-op encores:

Tier 1:
Foghat- Slow Ride
Poison- Talk Dirty to Me
Pat Benatar- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Social Distortion- Story of My Life

Encore: Kiss- Rock and Roll All Nite
Co-op Encore: Beastie Boys- Sabotage

Tier 2:
Mountain- Mississippi Queen
Alice Cooper- School’s Out
Cream- Sunshine of Your Life
Heart- Barracuda

Boss: Tom Morello- Guitar Battle
Encore: Rage Against the Machine- Bull’s on Parade
Co-op Encore: The Strokes- Reptilia

Tier 3:
The Killers- When You Were Young
AFI- Miss Murder
The Who- The Seeker
Priestess- Lay Down

Encore: Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
Co-op Encore: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Suck My Kiss

Tier 4:
Black Sabbath- Paranoid
The Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK
Sonic Youth- Kool Thing
Weezer- My Name Is Jonas

Encore: Pearl Jam- Evenflow
Co-op Encore: Blue Oyster Cult- Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

Tier 5:
The Dead Kennedy’s- Holiday in Cambodia
Scorpions- Rock You Like a Hurricane
Aerosmith- Same Old Song and Dance
ZZ Top- La Grange

Boss: Slash- Guitar Battle
Encore: Guns N Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
Co-op Encore: Bloc Party- Helicopter

Tier 6:
Santana- Black Magic Woman
Smashing Pumpkins- Cherub Rock
White Zombie- Black Sunshine
Tenacious D- The Metal

Encore: Stevie Ray Vaughn- Pride and Joy
Co-op Encore: Matchbook Romance- Monsters

Tier 7:
Slipknot- Before I Forget
Disturbed- Stricken
Queens of the Stone Age- 3’s and 7’s
Muse- Knights of Cydonia

Encore: Living Colour- Cult of Personality

Tier 8:
Slayer- Raining Blood
Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover
Iron Maiden- Number of the Beast
Metallica- One

Boss: Lou- Guitar Battle
Encore: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Bonus Tracks:
An Endless Sporadic- Impulse
Backyard Babies- Minus Celsius
Bret Michaels Band- Go That Far
Die Toten Hosen- Hier Kommit Alex
Dragonforce- Through the Fire and the Flames
Fall of Troy- FCP Remix
Gallows- In the Belly of a Shark
The Hellacopters- I’m in the Band
Heroes del Silencio- Avalancha
In Flames- Take This Life
Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby
Killswitch Engage- My Curse
LA Slum Lords- Down N Dirty
Lacuna Coil- Closer
Lions- Metal Heavy Lady
NAAST- Mauvis Garcon
Prototype- The Way It Ends
Revolverhead- Generation Rock
Rise Against- Prayer of the Refugee
Scouts of St. Sebastian- In Love
Senses Fail- Can’t Be Saved
The Sleeping- Don’t Hold Back
The Stone Roses- She Bangs the Drums
Superbus- Radio Song

GoldfishX Sep 23, 2007 (edited Sep 23, 2007)

Thanks...Apparently, they know more than the people who regularly update the wiki. I don't see either of the two Velvet Revolver songs that are supposed to be in there though and Atreyu is supposed to have one as well.

Aw, Talk Dirty To Me getting stuck as an Opening Lick...I had that figured for at least 5th tier.

Crash Sep 24, 2007

Hmmm...[Yawn]...Not much exciting to see he...

Angela wrote:

Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover

And so it shall be bought.

GoldfishX Oct 25, 2007

Well, it's been officially leaked and it's spilling out into the wasteland known as Youtube. Sorry to say, much of GH2 and 80's look like training compared to some of this stuff...I think they figured out they'll make more money by making songs that break guitar controllers. Hope everyone likes 3-note chords:


Number of the Beast:

Raining Blood:

Fire and Flames:

Saturday night, midnight launch at Gamestop.

Ryu Oct 25, 2007

^ This one might be hard as hell, but the very first time I made it to the end of a song on Hard wasn't on GH2 and its various downloadable content of GH1 and new songs---it was from the demo of Guitar Hero 3.  My thanks to you, Pat Benatar... you Hit Me With Your Best Shot, but I hit back!  Now I'll just master playing that song, get used to the five buttons and the speed, and hope to retcon the 'skills' (I use the term loosely because I'm not that good at the game) back to GH2.

GoldfishX Oct 25, 2007 (edited Oct 25, 2007)

I did the same thing...Hard was too fast to jump right into, so I just kept playing "Strutter" in II on hard until I got used to the speed (it only has a couple orange notes...WAY easier than any of the tier 1 songs on hard. "Shout at the Devil" pretty much traumatized me my first time on hard). Then I played awhile on normal mode again without using my pinkie and instead sliding my hand down the frets and I was pretty much set after that (though I still try to avoid relying on my pinkie, it's there solely for the orange fret and I use that and the braille to regain my bearings a lot). My biggest problem now is I overstrum too much and it rapes my multipliers.

But good god...It hurts to WATCH Fire and Flames. And the "One" solo.

Angela Oct 28, 2007

Picked up Hero III today, and I'm having a pretty great time.  Just finished off the second tier "Your First Real Gig" on Hard, and already I'm finding the song selection to be monumentally better than GHII's.  I'm enjoying just about every track, and there are some sweet note patterns going on here.  "Mississippi Queen " is my current fave, and proves that straight-on, well placed fingering and a lean playtime length can really make a song.  The overall challenge progresses nicely, too; I really think this is the best GH title to start off with if you're just getting a handle on Hard Mode and the fifth orange fret.

The Tom Morello Guitar Battle threw me for a loop, though; I lost the first time, simply because I wasn't sure what I was doing. My best advice: use every attack power-up that you receive straight away once Tom starts his sections.

The new interface is a nice touch, with things looking sleeker all around.  The venues look great, but the new character modeling took a hit in my opinion; they just look more fugly, and the animation, at least in the PS2 version, becomes a bit herky-jerky at times.  And that damned string pull sound every time a message comes up (like the confirmations during auto-save, for instance) has become nerve-grating.  I simply turned off auto-saving this time, largely because the saves seem to take an unusually long time this time around.

Man, I can't wait to hit the later tiers.  The good songs have only just begun!

Ryu Oct 28, 2007

The game looks great all-around on the 360, Angela, and I'm guessing it'll look around the same on the PS3.  Since you were getting a PS3 (although I recommend a 360 moreso), you might want to consider picking up GH3 for it, so you can take advantage of DLC.  Regarding auto-save, it seems the same to GH2 to me, but who knows if the 360 GH2 didn't get a sloppy port and so I'm not expecting it to be fast.

I hate the controller being in two pieces, at least mine because it seems to not fit firmly in place, but slides a bit.

The Guitar Battle with Morello took me a second try too.  If you care about unlocking stuff in the store, I found out Easy mode in this one earns you in-game cash.  I don't think it did in GH2.

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