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allyourbaseare Jul 16, 2007

It feelsl like I'm cheating on Hamauzu.  Sakimoto's music has gotten to me and I need more.  What hooked me was the BOF:V soundtrack.  Given, there's only 4 tracks I really listen to:

Electric Power Building (HOLY F***)
Middle Layer Area
Lowest Layer Area
Small Departure

These four being prime examples of what the man can do.  Now, I need to hear more like this.  His melodic efforts are beautiful and I'm ashamed it's taken me this long to hear them.  I'd also like to give props to "Penelo's Theme" from Final Fantasy XII even though it's the only track I'd recommend from the first disc of the FFXII OST. 

My ears are yours.  Please help me discover more of what this man's capable of.

Carl Jul 16, 2007

Can't go wrong with Vagrant Story, if you want the first CD that comes to my mind at least... 
On the broad overview, his list of works is pretty huge, so you'll have plenty to browse through and discover.

I'm sure others would love to delve into their Sakimoto-admiration for some more detailed recommendations, as there isn't any shortage praise for the guy.

Megavolt Jul 16, 2007

So you're looking for the softer side of Sakimoto?  I'll try at some recommendations:

Lost Forest from Legaia DuelSaga
Factory and Joshua from Vagrant Story
Ovelia's Theme and Treasure from Final Fantasy Tactics
Fortune Teller 1/2 from Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre
Perfect Prince from Perfect Prince
Emperor of Balladry from Treasure Hunter G

Of course, if you just wanted my favorite Sakimoto tracks, I'd have a whole lot more to add, seeing as how he's my favorite VGM composer.  It'd really just be best for you to check out his stuff yourself and Vagrant Story is always an excellent choice.  It's my second favorite VGM soundtrack of all time and is generally regarded as Sakimoto's best by VGM fans.  Check out Final Fantasy Tactics as well and go from there.

h3 Jul 16, 2007 (edited Jul 16, 2007)

I still can't comprehend the fact that everyone's favorite track on BoF V is the same as mine - Electricity Suppliant Building (JP trans). Now that is truly awesome.. I was suprised since most of the times my taste differs from others.

I really loved Sakimoto's work for Final Fantasy Tactics. Its ending theme is amazing, for one. The battle songs, like Trisection, is also amazing.

Eirikr Jul 16, 2007

Gradius V is also an excellent choice, as some tracks have some excellent drum and bass on them.

Also one of the few times we get to hear Sakimoto shed that orchestral flair and attempt something closer in sound to his influence, YMO. Same goes for everyone's favorite track - Energy Suppliant Building.

Zane Jul 16, 2007

I enjoy BOF:V and Gradius V a bunch, but his older, more "classic" soundtracks are getting some good playtime nowadays. Final Fantasy Tactics (with Iwata) and Vagrant Story are both very much worth looking into. I would say that FFT is more accessable than VS, but VS has a lot more variety and some interesting soundscapes.

allyourbaseare Jul 17, 2007

Thanks everyone.  I will check out all of them.  big_smile

Datschge Jul 17, 2007

Give Magical Chase a listen for some old school melodic VGM you might not expect from Sakimoto.

Eirikr Jul 17, 2007 (edited Jul 17, 2007)

Will anyone else have the chance to meet Sakimoto at Otakon, in you know, a few days? He is scheduled for his first autograph session this Saturday at 12:30. I'm shooting to be first in line, clutching my copy of Vagrant Story for him to sign!

Also: Check out Radiant Silvergun's OST as well. I prefer a lot of the originals over the arrangements on the soundtrack, but overall it's one of his more fast-paced and easy to get into compositions.

Vaeran Jul 17, 2007 (edited Jul 17, 2007)

If anyone didn't yet know, Hitoshi Sakimoto will be appearing at the Otakon anime convention in Baltimore, MD this weekend:

How convenient that my FF Tactics OST comes in such an easily autographable cardboard slipcase. :D

EDIT: Well, now I feel silly. THANKS A LOT, EIRIKR. :O

Eirikr Jul 17, 2007

Vaeran wrote:

EDIT: Well, now I feel silly. THANKS A LOT, EIRIKR. yikes

Ha, no matter - I'm as excited about it as you are. He's going to have two autograph sessions, one at 12:30, and another one later on in the evening I think. Perfect opportunity to subvert the 1 item limit and have him sign my Vagrant Story game at the first, then my Vagrant Story OST at the second!

Also, a Sakimoto NON-recommendation: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance OST. Not only did Sakimoto not compose most of the best tracks, i.e., the battle tracks, what he did was surprisingly low-key and kind of bleh.

jb Jul 17, 2007

Debating which CD to get him to sign, I have so many :'(.

discoalucard Jul 17, 2007

Sakimoto's presence at Otakon will make this the best one in existence.

I'm not sure how much of Odin Sphere or Grim Grimoire was actually composed by Sakimoto - I'm sure some of it were by his underlings at Basiscape - but they're both pretty good. Odin Sphere in particular has a gorgeous vocal ending song that sounds like Sakimoto shared a few pints with Mitsuda before going off to compose it. Grim Grimoire has an excellent "main theme" too. Unfortunately Odin Sphere has no official OST (yet) and Grim Grimoire's is all screwed up thanks to NISA.

jb Jul 17, 2007

I wonder what would happen if I asked Sakimoto to sign my copy of Cho Aniki Show II?


Zane Jul 18, 2007 (edited Jul 18, 2007)

Speaking of Vagrant Story, here are a few tunes that you might enjoy right off the bat, allyourbaseare:

Recollection - a piano, string and woodwind piece that reminds me of Sakimoto's Duel Saga stuff
Factory - great, peaceful start to disc 2, with a little creepiness thrown in halfway through
Large Chapel Garret - a total ethereal piece with piano and some gentle choral work
Truly - my favorite track on the album; this song is equally sad and beautiful
Escape - a nice song that picks up around the minute mark with some cool synth and percussion

They kind of fit along with the BOF:V tracks you mentioned. The rest of the album takes a good listen or thirty for it to really sink in, but it's worth it. Vagrant Story is a multi-faceted beast!

Stephen Jul 18, 2007 (edited Jul 19, 2007)

jb wrote:

Debating which CD to get him to sign, I have so many :'(.

Is he actually doing guest signings?
I thought he was just attending the Eminence concert as their guest.

EDIT:  Ok, apparently, he is doing autographs on Saturday.

allyourbaseare Jul 18, 2007

Thanks Zane.  If I can find some time this weekend, then I'm going to try and put on Vagrant Story through the headphones and just lie back and relax.

GoldfishX Jul 18, 2007 (edited Jul 18, 2007)

I'm going to be mean and ask him to sign an EA version of Final Fantasy Tactics OST.

Nah, I'm going, but I might bring my copy of Tactics (the game) and maybe get it signed in the evening. If anyone going feels the urge to punch me in the nose IRL, I'll be wearing an Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" shirt.

(in all seriousness, I bet at least a few people will have EA/SM CD's for him to sign).

As for Sakimoto's actual music...Some of BoF V (Electric Supply Building gets another quality vote), some of Legaia, some of Radiant Silvergun and good old Bubbleghost is about my limit with him.

Stephen Jul 19, 2007

GoldfishX wrote:

Nah, I'm going, but I might bring my copy of Tactics (the game) and maybe get it signed in the evening. If anyone going feels the urge to punch me in the nose IRL, I'll be wearing an Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" shirt.

Well, now I know who to avoid.  j/k

RinoaDestiny Jul 19, 2007

My brother's going to Otakon and knows about the autograph session, so I gave him my copy of Vagrant Story for Sakimoto to sign. I hope he gets it - the man is practically my VGM idol.

allyourbaseare Jul 24, 2007

Okay, so I've been listening to the Gradius V OST, and does anyone notice any similarities between the track "TETO RAN" and "Theme of the Golem" from Salamander 2?

Eirikr Jul 24, 2007 (edited Jul 24, 2007)

allyourbaseare wrote:

Okay, so I've been listening to the Gradius V OST, and does anyone notice any similarities between the track "TETO RAN" and "Theme of the Golem" from Salamander 2?

It's because they are arrangements of the same track - "Venom of Snake" from Salamander.

Bernhardt Jul 24, 2007 (edited Jul 24, 2007)

Final Fantasy Tactics was my first foray into Sakimoto's dark, medieval, militaristic world.

Probably already been said, but Vagrant Story is Sakimoto's definitive work. Things he did in this score, he also did in certain pieces in later works (I'll list examples later as I go ahead and find them). "Large Chapel" is an awexome club-style theme, for what is supposed to otherwise be a medieval-oriented setting.

And you all know that Breath of Fire V ~ Dragon Quarter is definitely one of my most favorite scores of all time.

Stella Deus's score is the true spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Grim Grimoire is one of Sakimoto's more recent works; a bit more magical, but still dark. Brilliant opening song, might I add.

I certainly hope Odin Sphere eventually sees an official release. Many themes come to mind, especially the Castle Terrace, and one of the boss themes. Oh, and, of course the opening vocal song!

Gradius V got trumped by Einhander.

Radiant Silvergun, the synth was simply too atrocious for me to stand; the warbling artificial brass...! It's too much...! Ergh...

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