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Vaeran Jul 12, 2008 (edited Jul 16, 2008)

That's a pretty sexy title.

This entry just popped up over on GMR (, and I'm wondering if this is going to be all-new stuff, or if it's just a repackaging of the previous two Super Arrange Versions. I've heard a lot of good things about Etrian Odyssey's music, but I've been putting off listening to it until I can get around to actually playing the games. And as an added bonus, this set comes out on my birthday. :D

EDIT: Now it doesn't, they delayed it. :/

Chris Jul 12, 2008

Well it's not going to be a repackaging of the previous two. After all, they weren't live albums and they didn't principally feature piano and strings. We'll have to wait until Five Records or some other official source to gain more info. Either way, I'm very happy another Etrian Odyssey album is on its way.

Arcubalis Jul 12, 2008 (edited Jul 12, 2008)

This is going to be an awesome CD.  I bet it will sound a lot like Hibino's arrangement from Etrian Odyssey II Super Arrange Version.

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