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Angela Dec 13, 2008

So I've been listening to the Valkyrie Profile OST again.  I've always remembered it to be pretty standard fare; I never quite took to the overbearing choir and 'heavenly' motifs of the compositions, and most of the battle themes had energy, but not a whole lot of soul.  And then I get up to track 21's Condemned Thoughts -- and just like I remembered it from years back, it managed to knock me on my ass with its pure level of awesomeness.  The thack-thack of the drum's sticks opening, the sweet, progressive melody, that smokin' percussion change at 1:24...... my ears are flanked by its total ownage.   

So, my question to the Sakuraba buffs here: Has he done many other scores in the same vein as Condemned Thoughts?  An entire album like it would be off the hook.

Any non-Sakuraba VGM recommendations like it, too?

Cedille Dec 13, 2008

Melodically, it's almost the same as Lion's theme (ToD). Not sure if it will wow you at the same level though.

Datschge Dec 13, 2008

Cedille wrote:

Melodically, it's almost the same as Lion's theme (ToD).

At least the starting part of the song is, indeed. That's also pretty close to the theme (I think) of Terminator 2. =P

@Angela: Not sure what in particular you like about this track. If it's the starting melody you could check out the quadrillion remixes of Lion's theme (as part of the Tales of Destiny PS2 OST as well as the Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Premium album). If it's more the simple catchy melody, synthy leads with, uh, kinda danceable rhythms you may actually prefer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki's SNES works if you haven't checked that out yet.

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