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Namorbia Jan 17, 2016

I finally listened to this album. I didn't read any impressions beforehand and only listened to a few samples many months ago and decided that they weren't enough to judge anything.

So I waited until I had zero hype or expectations and just listened to the album without anything running on my mind.

I love it. I absolutely love the whole album. I'm not usually keen on vocal tracks – I often skip the ones on CREID – but I was surprised by how much I loved the vocal tracks on this one. Especially Laura Shigihara did a great job on Corridors of Time.

I cried when I heard Time's Scar. The arrangement is so fantastic. I've listened to the album maybe ten times now and I can't stop. I just like the flow of it, from a rocking start to more and more mellower tracks. When it starts again from the beginning, the guitar on Time's Scar is the perfect ambiance to bring the album back to the "beginning of the loop". It's like an amazing 42-minute loop of arranged Chrono music. I've always thought 40 minutes is the perfect length for an album, maybe because I grew up watching so much TV with episodes being ~40 minutes.

I hope Mitsuda will do more albums like this. I don't care if he just produces and others arrange, if the quality is this great.

Ramza Jan 17, 2016

Namorbia wrote:

Especially Laura Shigihara did a great job on Corridors of Time.

Preach. I thought Shigihara was amazing on all 3 tracks. Corridors of Time came out especially well, agreed on that.

I very much want a full CC album now. If you think about it, the Millennial Fair "team" w/ Mitsuda did Brink of Time (CT only), then To Far Away Times (CT+CC) ... now we need that precious CC arrange album. I recently re-acquired the CC OST and I can easily pick out a bunch of tracks that could stand the Millennial Fair touch. Like what they did with Marbule (holy hell did they improve that song!).

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