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the_miker Mar 19, 2009

I'm not sure if any of you noticed this yet but what's up with all the "Digital Ver." tracks?  The only two tracks performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony on the OST are the opening theme and ending vocal.  All of those "Digital Ver." tracks had live orchestra versions in the game but for some reason they give us the digital ones on the OST.  My only guess is that they're planning to release some kind of orchestral arranged CD with them on it?  I sure hope that's it anyway.  Don't get me wrong, the digital ones are pretty badass on their own but I'd love to have the orchestra versions too!


Zane Mar 19, 2009

Could have been a licensing issue? I'm not too shaken up by it - the digital versions are pretty badass!

Chris Mar 24, 2009

The orchestral versions seem to be exclusively to the Biohazard 5 Selection Track that was a pre-order bonus with the game in Japan. Kinda sucks, although I agree with Zane that the digital versions are awesome nonetheless.

Angela Apr 14, 2009

So I finally beat the game.  Anyone have their favorite tracks pegged? 

For me, the suite of boss battle themes, Flying Nightmare, Evil Mutation, and Two On Two, are all amazing. (It's a good idea to NOT read the spoiler-filled Youtube comments on that last one.)   I enjoy Evil Mutation, specifically - there are stylistic hints of the memorable Malformation of G pieces from RE2.  But my absolute favorite comes in the form of Majini IX -in flames-.  It's very unconventionally Resident Evil, but makes for a terrific piece for one of the final area levels.

Zane Apr 16, 2009 (edited Apr 16, 2009)

I just finished writing my review for the soundtrack set this morning, and while I haven't finished the game I have to say that the RE5 OST is probably the best in the series. While I personally prefer RE4 overall (call it nostalgia or a penchant for a good, ol' fashioned claustrophobic and ambient mind f---), RE5 is the most accessible and consistently enjoyable album from the series thus far. Awesome ambiance, great boss tunes, an inventive yet unobtrusive inclusion of traditional a/o ethnic instruments... yeah. Suzuki is the man and after hearing his stuff on DMC4 and RE5 I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Adam Corn May 27, 2009

As with Street Fighter IV OST, just wanted to update this thread with the news that Sumthing Digital's U.S. release of Resident Evil 5 OST is now available.  Fortunately the music content on this one appears to be identical to the Japanese release.

I wasn't impressed enough with the soundtrack, nor am I a big enough fan of the genre, to review it myself but if anybody is interested in writing one up I'd love to post it!

Raziel Feb 17, 2010

I've listened to it the past few days and I like it. I can't pass the final verdict, but I feel it's already better than Resident Evil 4. The more melodic tracks like "Sad but True" and "Majini IX -in flames" spice up the album, and there's a nice mix of "I'm coming for your ass, now!" and slow "crawling under your skin" type of ambient tracks.

God, I love horror game soundtracks.

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