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Chris Jul 9, 2008

I've recently started listening to the Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles Original Soundtrack. Great soundtrack in my opinion and I notice there are quite a few Resident Evil remixes in there. Although I am familiar with most Resident Evil music, there are some tracks (e.g. "Ecliptic Express") that I know to be arrangements but cannot place a finger on and probably lots of other arrangements I missed. Here's what I've got so far:

Trauma = Lost in Darkness (Biohazard)
July 24 1998 = Cold Water (Biohazard)
Blacken Sabbath = Save Theme (Biohazard)
No Word For It = Vacant Room (Biohazard)
Sympathy for the Zombie = T-B (Biohazard 2)
Live Evil = Wreckage of the Mad Experiment (Biohazard 2)

Can anyone add to this list? Thanks!!

Zane Aug 22, 2008

I found another one: "Endogenous Opioid" = "ZOMBIE DOG" (Resident Evil 0)

Going by the track titles that are listed as explicit dates in the tracklisting and comparing it to the timeline, I'm going to guess that the following tracks could potentially contain arrangements from the following games (barring original compositions, of course):

Tracks 1-8: Resident Evil 0
Tracks 9-29: Resident Evil
Tracks 30-41: Resident Evil 3
Tracks 42-49: Resident Evil Code Veronica

Note that, interestingly enough, a RE2 segment was not included in Umbrella Chronicles, even though some of the music was redone, as noted by Chris. The only real way to figure this out is to play the game, though... something I plan on doing very soon.

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