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Herrkotowski Feb 26, 2009

Following Adam's suggestion, here's the thread for talk about matches for Versus mode and what not. Feel free to post usernames, etc. so more people can get in on the SFIV goodness.

PSN: herrkotowski

I look forward to more matches with Mike, Angela, and whomever else wants to play! If I'm not already friends on the PSN with you, just state you are from STC and I won't be as apprehensive to add you!

Angela Feb 26, 2009

PSN: a_liu2008
LIVE: aliu2008

As an aside, have any of you fellas considered picking up SSFII HD Remix?  I'm kind of surprised to see a lot of you getting into IV, but seemingly passed up on HDR.  For the moment, I'm going to say it's the better Street Fighter game for online.  It'd be awesome getting a number of us together at the same time for a group match. :)

Herrkotowski Feb 26, 2009

I have HD Remix, but I am AWFUL at it. I'll go a few rounds with you on occasion Angela, should you feel like utterly destroying me.

SonicPanda Feb 26, 2009

Angela wrote:

As an aside, have any of you fellas considered picking up SSFII HD Remix?  I'm kind of surprised to see a lot of you getting into IV, but seemingly passed up on HDR.

I have it, I just lack enough faith in my skills to make a respectable showing online. Maybe I'll try playing both online this weekend. Oh and as I put in the Tag thread, I'm SonicPanda on PSN and SonicPandaZX on Live (but that's a bit irrelevant at the moment as A, I let the free Gold account lapse into Silver and B, I have these both on PS3.

GoldfishX Feb 27, 2009

I'm not online at home, but my friend has it for PS3. Will get his username and post it. We normally play late at night on weekends.

Loving the game so far, even if it doesn't feel terribly new, outside of learning move properties and dealing with grapplers that can actually hurt you now (Alex is one of my back-up characters in 3rd Strike, but it feels like an uphill battle using him). Right now, I'm maining Ryu (though I'm not a fan of his Ultra) and possibly Honda and Sagat (and I've ALWAYS played Dan and I love this version of him). Will work on Sakura when I get a stick that will work for next-gen systems or a decent converter...She's a character I just can't play on pad or anything less than a good Sanwa, because of how you have to quickly combo the Sho-oken.

LOVE the hype surrounding this though. The gameplay is largely similar to previous games, it's just that people are seeming to notice how good it really is. Hopefully it will rub off on future 2D fighters that hit the market (KOF XII, Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus, Blazblue)

Nekobo Feb 28, 2009 (edited Feb 28, 2009)

I have HD Remix. I'm a lousy player, but feel free to add me. New challengers welcome. smile

PSN: Nekobo1

Pellasos Mar 1, 2009

good games angela. your cammy kicked my sagat pretty good smile
i cant seem to get used to her.

Amazingu Mar 2, 2009

I have only HD so far, but I'll pick up SFIV eventually.

I've already added some of you in the past, but that was my subaccount, and I recently changed to my main account because my subaccount doesn't register trophies for some reason.

So, my current ID = amazingu

which is easy enough, I guess wink

I'll re-add the people from my old list next time I log in.

Angela Mar 2, 2009

Pellasos wrote:

good games angela. your cammy kicked my sagat pretty good =)
i cant seem to get used to her.

It wasn't really my intent to make Cammy my main (despite what my current avatar might allude to ^_^), but she is awfully fun to play in IV.  I love her dashing speeds, and her easy-to-link Super and Ultra.

I can see your Sagat and Fei Long being trouble, Pellasos.  Gonna have to start devising some strategies against those badboys. ;)

allyourbaseare Mar 11, 2009

Just picked up Remix (PS3) so if anyone wants to feel good, then I'm up for a whoopin'.

PSN ID: squareislife

Herrkotowski Mar 11, 2009

I'm still bitter that Abel, my "tour de force" against Angela, is starting to become one of Angela's "tour de force's" against me, along with EVERY other character...except Seth. You need to work with him some more!

I still hate your Cammy and El Fuerte evil...

allyourbaseare Mar 15, 2009

Great fight tonight Angela!  Truly, you are the master smile 

Also, I had my headset on, could you hear me at all?

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