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jeriaska Apr 2, 2008

Thanks for posting this.  'Leap of Faith' is pretty rad.

brandonk Apr 2, 2008

Pretty cool...

The game is going to cost $10 (the remake).  Due in May...can't wait..long live 2d

allyourbaseare Apr 2, 2008

So was anyone else as excited as I was to see the original "Area 1" by Gondamin (Junko Tamiya) listed in the music player?!  Might this mean that the original NES soundtrack would be selectable as opposed to the new stuff? 

New gameplay + old-school soundtrack = EPIC WIN

Abrahm Apr 3, 2008

I dunno.  I'm just not feeling it from this music.  It's good that he's keeping the original melodies, and not overarranging so they get lost in the rest of the music.  But this stuff sounds a lot like what I'd hear from, say, Overclocked Remix.  I mean, it's okay, I suppose.  It's just kinda... missing something, I guess.

Bionic Commando is still one of my all-time favorites, so I'm gonna be a bit more picky than most.  I won't say Rearmed's entire soundtrack's a throwaway, though.  Maybe it'll grow on me after playing the game?  We'll see.

Now, "Heroes of the Past" - THAT is a mighty fine Area 5/6/10 BGM arrangement.  I wish he'd given us a bit more, but I'll gladly take this little piece.  And I'm still hoping we get something nice for that BGM in Rearmed.

And yes, I do want the original NES game soundtrack in Rearmed.  It would be a nice bonus.

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