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Abrahm May 28, 2008

I've already expressed my disappointment with the music in Rearmed in the thread at the Gaming forum.  On its own, it's too dancey for my tastes.  But I haven't played the game yet; maybe it works (and sounds better) during gameplay?  We'll see.

Still, I'll support Capcom and get the album from iTunes.

allyourbaseare May 29, 2008

If it comes with the original NES soundtrack, then yes.

Chris May 29, 2008 (edited May 29, 2008)

It doesn't I'm afraid. It's all catchy beat-supported music, though nothing stunning. Seems like the game developer (Simon Viklund) was also the principle composer.

I doubt the soundtrack will sell a thousand copies as intended. I'm not sure how digital sales compare to hard copy sales, but not many VGM albums sell a thousand copies these days.

I'm really hoping that Hibino's scores to Commando 3 and 1942: Joint Strike will get similar soundtrack treatment rather than nothing at all.

Zane May 29, 2008

Ryu wrote:

Capcom claims they need to sell 15,000 songs to break even.  Anyone going to help them out?

Nope. Color me unimpressed.

XLord007 Jun 1, 2008

I like what I've heard, and I'd buy it if they released it on CD, but I'm not interested in a downloadable-only version.

XISMZERO Jun 1, 2008

Won't buy from iTunes -- ever. Why? I want nothing to do with Apple and further I don't own an iPod (anymore) and don't ever want to buy another. I have a Creative, and their stupid exclusionary format won't go on my player. Sell them on a CD by request or high-quality mp3s.

And I think that's crap... people who love game music enough will just go and record it if a company won't make it available to sell. We've done it before.

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