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Daniel K Jan 15, 2009

I know this soundtrack got a lackluster reception by many people, but I just heard it and I must say that, damn, its good! Its one of those soundtracks that are really short, but really good. The style is basically dance-able, high-octane melodic electronica. My favourite track must be the boss theme "Intruder Alert". I never liked the original its based on, but after trying the game briefly and noticing this piece getting stuck in my head for days on end afterwards, I just knew I had to find the soundtrack. Simon Viklund really did a nice job here.

So my review for this one is: "short, but sweet". Any other fans out there?

Angela Jan 15, 2009

Yeah, Rearmed is pretty excellent.  I really dig the heavy, resonating beat they've utilized throughout the score, and the electronica element accompanies the Bionic flair nicely.  My favorite track is still the overhead battle theme "Meet the Enemy and Descend", by virtue that it's such a clever nod to the original Commando theme.  I just love the melodic hooks in "Leap of Faith", and "Amongst Allies" makes for a surprisingly soothing piece.  I also really enjoy the more traditional Soul Calibur-esque orchestral arrangement of the Main Theme in "Suzuki's Heroes."

Chris Jan 15, 2009 (edited Jan 16, 2009)

I warmed to this one quite a bit and gave it a pretty positive review. I'm looking forward to seeing what Christopherson, Viklund, and co. offer on the Bionic Commando sequel.

Daniel K Jan 15, 2009

Angela wrote:

"Leap of Faith"


XLord007 Jan 17, 2009 (edited Jan 17, 2009)

Daniel K wrote:

Any other fans out there?

Definitely.  The music in this one is fantastic.  My favorite track is Power Plant.  The way it's used in the perfectly cut trailer is a beautiful thing.

charmed699 Jan 17, 2009

I first heard it when playing the game and found it rather catchy. After getting it from itunes I found a few favorites but a shame it did not get a physical release. Well it is good for the environment at the very least.

My favorites from it are :

Power plant, main theme, leap of faith and heat wave.

I found it very surprising to see how it needed to sell a lot even with a digital release in order for Capcom to make it a profit.

Daniel K Jan 17, 2009 (edited Jan 17, 2009)

charmed699 wrote:

I found it very surprising to see how it needed to sell a lot even with a digital release in order for Capcom to make it a profit.

Honestly, I find the claim that they "need to sell 15,000 songs to break even" is just BS on Capcom's part, probably said to increase the pressure on the fans to buy the mp3s. Correct me if I'm wrong (I suck at math), but if the album has 15 tracks and it costs $10 to download those once, it must mean that the total cost of putting it up for Capcom was at least $10,000, which is just wrong in every way. And if this is indeed true, the next question must be: what were they smoking when they thought an obscure VGM soundtrack would sell at least 15,000 tracks online? If the cost to them was really as high as they claim they made a really bad business decision right there.

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