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vertexguy Jul 23, 2008 (edited Jul 24, 2008)

Hey all,
For those interested, I've posted a video up of my new song "The Bionic Jam", which will be featured in Capcom's upcoming next gen title Bionic Commando. This is a live performance from my concert at the Iron Man of Gaming. If you like it, pick up the studio version from or Just search for "The Bionic Jam". Enjoy!

Live Performance Video:

Official game site with more info:

Direct link to Itunes: … 7&s=143441

Direct link to sumthingdigital: … bumid=3722

Chris Kline

Smeg Jul 23, 2008

Sweet job man.

Angela Jul 23, 2008

Smeg wrote:

Sweet job man.

Seconded.  Though I'm not nearly as hyped for the new game as I am for Rearmed, at least I know the music's getting top billing. (Or, at least one monstrously kickass track.)

Arcubalis Jul 28, 2008

This is awesome.  We just went live with our interview with Simon Viklund, the composer/director for Rearmed and the lead sound designer for Bionic Commando (, and he wasn't sure if the music was going to make it in the game.  Great news that it will be featured in-game!  Congrats.

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