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Biohazard Code: Veronica Original Soundtrack


2 discs, 98 minutes total

Disc 1 (76 minutes)

  1. The Movie
  2. Title Calling
  3. Prologue
  4. The Beginning
  5. Thrown Into Despair
  6. Once Again
  7. First Contact
  8. Death Siege
  9. Incoming
  10. Putrid Smell
  11. The Palace Of Insane
  12. A Moment Of Relief
  13. Infants
  14. Through The Scope
  15. Berceuse (Piano Version)
  16. Military Training Facility
  17. Pulsating Right Arm
  18. Here Comes The Knight
  19. Entrapment
  20. Curiosity
  21. Father
  22. Lachrymal
  23. The Suspended Doll
  24. One-Man Show
  25. Pandoras Box
  26. The Secret Door
  27. Not Alexia
  28. A State Of Emergency
  29. The Theme Of Tyrant 3 (Version A)
  30. As You Wish...
  31. The Theme Of Tyrant 3 (Version B)
  32. Midnight Sun
  33. Crash!
  34. Blanc
  35. The Confined IT
  36. You Think You're Safe Now
  37. Resonance Of Blood
  38. Go With The Digger
  39. The Theme Of Nosferatu
  40. The Ending Of The Beginning
  41. Cliff Hanger
  42. I Need To Know!
  43. Intrigue
  44. Berceuse (Vocal Version)
  45. Still Alive?
  46. To Antarctica
  47. Subzero
  48. The Bad Way Or The BAD Way
  49. Deja Vu
  50. At Last
  51. Sardonic Smile
  52. Divided
  53. Rasen
  54. Not Steve
  55. Love?
  56. You Want It
  57. T-Veronica
  58. Murderous Eyes
  59. The Theme Of Alexia (Type 1)
  60. The Resurrection Of Alexia
  61. Silence Of The Air
  62. The Code Is Veronica
  63. Transformation
  64. Resurrection
  65. Final Weapon
  66. The Theme Of Alexia (Type 2)
  67. Velocity
  68. End Credits
  69. Set Free
  70. Doze

Disc 2 (22 minutes)

  1. Sound Effects
  • Released Feb 19, 2000 by Suleputer (catalog no. CPCA-1037, retail 2190 yen).
  • Disc 2 is a mini CD.
  • A full two-disc soundtrack "Biohazard Code Veronica X Complete Original Soundtrack" was released in March 23, 2001 (catalog no. CPCA-1052/3).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Probably the best Biohazard OST yet.

Reader review by Daniel K

I had high expectations on Biohazard CODE: Veronica Original Soundtrack. I wanted to hear the synth abilities of the Dreamcast. I wanted to hear another good Capcom soundtrack. But first and foremost I was looking for a new horror game soundtrack. Something to break the monotony of Squaresoft's fantasy RPG soundtracks. I wasn't disappointed.

First of all I have to say that I have never ever heard a game OST that sounds more like a movie score than this. Anyone not familiar with the game will wonder which movie the music is from. It sounds very realistic, much thanks to the synth capability. This OST will be a godsend to the relatively large group of people who are getting tired of lousy game synth.

There are 70 tracks on the main disc! Naturally, the tracks are very short, which normally would bother me. But since this isn't a RPG soundtrack, it's actually okay. The tracks flow into each other relatively smoothly. One thing that would have made this CD much better is if the tracks were woven into each other, like on the Silent Hill OST. But it still works fine, and like Silent Hill, the music changes from atmospheric, ambient music to heart-pounding action and escape music. Just like good Biohazard music should.

Most tracks range from good to very good. A few could be skipped, but they really are a few, if you count the fact that the CD has 70 tracks. And unlike other soundtracks, where you have your favourites and skip the rest, horror soundtracks are more focused on the whole experience than just individual tracks. Capcom knows this, and it shows in the music. Every time I think about it, I find it hard to mention specific tracks that I like, so logic would say that this OST is bad. But every time I finish this CD I'm amazed at the quality of the music! Some may find this weird, but I think it's a great effect.

If I should try to mention some highlights anyway, I have to start with what I presume is the main theme of the game. It first shows up in track 04, and then makes many appearances (especially towards the end). I am certainly no fan of the over usage of main themes, a thing that has cursed game music enough the few last years. It seems to me that this is just a cheap way for lazy composers to use a melody over and over again, instead of composing new tunes. For instance I loved the FF9 score, but the main theme was used way to many times. Does this phenomenon occur in CODE: Veronica? No! The main theme is repeated many times, but because it's short (and sweet) it doesn't do any damage. The best tracks on the OST are the majestic "Prologue", "First Contact", the very disturbing "Putrid Smell", the beautiful and calm "A Moment Of Relief" and "Curiosity", the great and almost funky (!) "Through The Scope", "Lachrymal", "Rasen", and the great "The Theme Of Alexia (Type 2)". And of course there are the heart-pounding RUN! tracks. These include "Once Again", "Father", "Crash!", and the amazing "Not Steve" - probably the best track on the CD. Great survival horror music, and what more could one possibly ask for?

The second CD is a mini-CD with only sound effects. This was a mistake to include, because the excellent first CD could have been even cheaper without this crap. Only for the most experimental.

Overall, I cannot recommend the Biohazard CODE: Veronica OST any less than I already have. For any horror fan this is truly a great experience. Silent Hill still is the undisputed king of horror soundtracks, due to it's extreme nature, and Capcom doesn't go all the way out like Konami does. But I'm prepared to name Veronica the second runner up. Something to listen to until Silent Hill 2, and the unmistakably best Biohazard music yet!

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