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DK Jamz: The Original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack


  • Dave Wise (composition)
  • E. Sischer (composition)
  • R. Beanland (composition)


48 minutes total
  1. Theme
  2. Simian Segue
  3. DK Island Swing
  4. Cranky's Theme
  5. Jungle Groove
  6. Cave Dweller Concert
  7. Bonus Room Blitz
  8. Aquatic Ambiance
  9. Candy's Love Song
  10. Bad Boss Boogie
  11. Mine Cart Madness
  12. Life in the Mines
  13. Voices of the Temple
  14. Forest Frenzy
  15. Treetop Rock
  16. Funky's Fugue
  17. Misty Menace
  18. Northern Hemispheres
  19. Ice Cave Chant
  20. Fear Factory
  21. Gang-Plank Galleon
  22. K. Rool's Cacophony
  23. The Credits Concerto
  • Released in 1994 by Rare/Nintendo.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A few minor flaws don't drag this great CD down.

Reader review by Taylor Hudson

Those of us who have played Donkey Kong Country for the SNES probably remember the great music it had. It fit whatever type of level you were playing and seemed to change dynamically in some instances. Now that cool music is on a CD that any fan of the game should have.

While the game and music are supposed to be jungle-based, only a few of the tracks sound like that. Nevertheless, the other tracks fit into whatever kind of level they should. Track 8 "Aquatic Ambiance" sounds really peaceful, as if you are swimming; "Northern Hemispheres" has a tone of imminent danger that quickly speeds up.

This CD doesn't go without its problems. At the end of each track, there is a single, fairly loud, split-second click. It is right at the end of the track and is very short, but is very annoying. I have no clue as to why it is there, but it is. Another small problem is at the beginning of track 3 "DK Island Swing", where you hear first the Rareware fanfare, and then the jungle music from the game. It's kind of annoying if you don't really care about the fanfare.

Fortunately the problems are redeemed by track 5 "Jungle Groove". This is the same as the earlier jungle song, but is updated with new instruments and sound effects that are completely different than what the SNES version has. This bonus track is definitely something to listen to along with the rest of the CD.

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