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layzee May 2, 2017 (edited May 2, 2017)

Relax, this thread has nothing to do with high prices on Yahoo.

If I was to describe the original SDK1/DKC1 in one word, I would use "ambience". No brainer on the sequel: "pirates". But DKC3 has quite some "variety". Not to say there wasn't a mix of genres in the first two but it seems more pronounced in the third.

If you were to classify each track in DKC3 a musical genre, what would it look like? My musical vocabulary is very limited so I can't do it myself, apart from the obvious like "Brothers Bear" and "Brothers Bear Blues" - it's in the track name even. All I mostly have is ear recognition and "feeling".

For example, I don't know what genre "Crazy Calypso" is but it definitely sounds tropical and I've heard something similar in a similarly tropical South American town in a different game (Tenchi Souzou/Terranigma).
"Jangle Bells" is obviously Christmassy (is that a genre?).
"Nuts and Bolts" is probably Industrial (Rock)?
And "Big Boss Blues" is basically Metal.
"Enchanted Riverbank" - The almost evil sounding atmosphere is in stark contrast to the occasional peppy sounding Mexican Mariachi (?) not unlike Silent Hill 4's title screen music, which also happens to conveniently have the word "Mariachi" in its track name. Which begs the question: Is evil ambience + happy Mexican a thing, or something?
And is it just me or does "Stilt Village" sound vaguely oriental in the beginning?

If we wanted to explore the other games in the series, then in DKC1, "Voices of the Temple" gives a Mayan/Ancient Civilisation vibe (see also Illusion of Gaia) and "Candy's Love Song" obviously belongs to a certain genre (that I don't know the name of - well, I most likely do know the name, just can't connect it to the song).

DKC2 - "Disco Train" has a EDM feel, and "Krook's March" is obviously going for the Medieval style that we've heard in many other games before. How about "Mining Melancholy"? "Mining" music lol? See also SaGa Frontier.

If the technical side of music isn't your forte, then discuss how great the DKC series music are, back in the era of mostly crappy/unmemorable Western console game music, I guess.

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