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Adam Corn Nov 21, 2014

This fan-arranged album produced by Big Mat features 35 tracks spanning Donkey Kong Country 1 through 3. Among the arrangers are some of the Spectrum of Mana crew.

Bandcamp streaming and download:
https://bigmatattackspresents.bandcamp. … ixt-ape-94

- Cory Johnson
- Grant "Stemage" Henry
- Marshall Art
- Super Guitar Bros
- Droidekka
- missingNO
- James Moats
- William Reyes
- MegaBeardo
- PokeMatt
- Lucio Baldomero
- Dave Reardon
- Josh Edginton
- Joe Corbett
- Wild Gunmen
- The World is Rare
- Eight Bit Disaster
- DJ SonikBuster
- John Weible
- Jer Roque
- Joshua Cortese
- Adam Henry
- Justin Taylor
- Codename Trigger Thumb
- The Nate Horsfall Experience

Sami Dec 14, 2014

Sounds pretty good! I haven't had a chance to really dig into it yet, but some tracks already stand out, like "Mama Bird", "My Monkey Drives a Maserrati", and "Water World", which sounds surprisingly winter-themed in the arrangement. Good stuff and definitely worth checking out.

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