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Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack



73 minutes total
  1. Diddy Kong Racing Theme
  2. Character Select
  3. Central Area Introduction
  4. Central Area Themes
  5. Lobby Theme Tune
  6. TT's Theme
  7. Ancient Lake
  8. Fossil Canyon
  9. Jungle Falls
  10. Hot Top Volcano
  11. No Entry!
  12. Win The Golden Balloon!
  13. Boss Challenge
  14. Everfrost Peak
  15. Walrus Cove
  16. Frosty Village
  17. Taj1s Theme
  18. Taj's Challenge
  19. Whale Bay
  20. Pirate Lagoon
  21. Crescent Island
  22. Open Boss Door
  23. Meet A Boss
  24. Boss Challenge
  25. Lose Against Boss
  26. Boulder Canyon
  27. Greenwood Village
  28. Haunted Woods
  29. Win Challenge Amulet!
  30. Win A Piece Of The Amulet!
  31. Win Amulet!
  32. Star City
  33. Space Port Alpha
  34. The Secret Tune
  35. You Can't Beat Me!
  36. Wizpig Challenge
  37. Wizpig Lose
  38. Wizpig Lose
  39. Think You've Won?
  40. Open Wizpig1s Door
  41. Wizpig In Space
  42. Celebration
  • Released Apr 1, 1998 by Pony Canyon (catalog no. PCCG-00448, retail 2500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Diddy Kong Racing fans, go for it!

Reader review by Jon Turner

As the name implies, this is the big banana for fans searching for a Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack. Don't waste your time with the crappy American shaped-CD release, this is the complete music from the game.

All tracks are original, varied, and hummable. The very best of these tracks are "Walrus Cove", a wintry track that sounds like a cross between Frosty The Snowman and Winter Wonderland, in a revved-up manner. There are so many other great music tracks like this one. In fact, there are no really poor tracks in the score. Rare just does it again and again.

The Japanese release puts the inferior shaped-CD American release to shame in many ways. It's got all 42 tracks and a lengthy running time of 73 minutes, whereas the American version contained only 16 tracks and had a time of 39 minutes. And to my delight (and relief), there are no game staff voice tracks on this one (the last two Japanese N64 soundtracks, Wave Race 64: Kawasaki Jet Ski and Yoshi's Story, contained them). Also, there is liner information on who composed the music, did the sound effects, produced the album, etc., as with all the Japanese N64 soundtracks.

While not a definitive classic score up in the style of Super Mario 64, Wonder Project J 2, Star Fox 64, and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack is a very enjoyable trip.

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