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Angela Apr 1, 2010

So, has anyone else given a listen to OCR's latest offering?  I'm only about six of the total thirty-five tracks in, but they've all been great listens.  The happy, feel-good vibe of Party's Over Here (Cranky's Conga) is a track I've listened to exhaustion back when it first debuted on Dwelling of Duels some time ago - but still enjoy listening to, because it's just TOO much fun.  Tetanus (Lockjaw's Saga), with its deep, brooding wind instruments, and militaristic percussion brings to mind a sound reminiscent to Hitoshi Sakimoto's.  The electronica element adds a nice texture to the piece during the second half.  "Simian SoirĂ©e" is my personal fave so far, a sweet, breezy jazz version of Klomp's Romp.

I'm especially looking forward to hearing the track that David Wise himself arranged, alongside Kirkhope and Beanland.

Wanderer Apr 1, 2010

Oooh! I have to leave now to see "How to Train Your Dragon" but I'm downloading this RIGHT now. Man, DKC2 is such a great soundtrack...

Princess-Isabela Apr 1, 2010

DKC2 has one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever created.
OC remix was really good, enjoyed it quite a lot.
So refreshing to see more remixes/arranged compositions from DKC series.

Ashley Winchester Apr 2, 2010

Love the mineshaft theme in DKC2, which isn't on the soundtrack.

Angela Apr 2, 2010

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Love the mineshaft theme in DKC2, which isn't on the soundtrack.

I've got a feeling OCR's vocal arrangement of this particular track, titled "Trapped In The Minds", will be divisive at best.  What say you, Kannon's Klaim fans?

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