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Donkey Kong Country Trilogy: Greatest Hit Soundtracks



3 discs, 178 minutes total

Disc 1 (49 minutes)

  1. Theme
  2. Simian Segue
  3. DK Island Swing
  4. Cranky's Theme
  5. Jungle Groove
  6. Cave Dweller Concert
  7. Bonus Room Blitz
  8. Aquatic Ambiance
  9. Candy's Love Song
  10. Bad Boss Boogie
  11. Mine Cart Madness
  12. Life in the Mines
  13. Voices of the Temple
  14. Forest Frenzy
  15. Treetop Rock
  16. Funky's Fugue
  17. Misty Menace
  18. Northern Hemispheres
  19. Ice Cave Chant
  20. Fear Factory
  21. Gang-Plank Galleon
  22. K-Rool's Cacophony
  23. The Credits Concerto
  24. Lose
  25. Win

Disc 2 (56 minutes)

  1. K. Rool Returns
  2. Welcome to Crocodile Isle
  3. Klomp's Romp
  4. Lockjaw's Saga
  5. Jib Jig
  6. Swanky Swing
  7. Snakey Chantey
  8. Bayou Boogie
  9. School House Harmony
  10. Forest Interlude
  11. Funky the Main Monkey
  12. Flight of the Zinger
  13. Cranky's Conga
  14. Hot-Head Bop
  15. Run, Rambi, Run!
  16. Token Tango
  17. Stickerbush Symphony
  18. Bad Bird Rag
  19. Disco Train
  20. Boss Bossanova
  21. Steel Drum Rhumba
  22. Krook's March
  23. Klubba's Reveille
  24. Haunted Crate
  25. In a Snow-Bound Land
  26. Lost World Anthem
  27. Primal Rave
  28. Crocodile Cacophony
  29. Donkey Kong Rescued
  30. -blank-
  31. -blank-
  32. -blank-
  33. -blank-
  34. -blank-
  35. Fanfare
  36. Lose on the Ship
  37. Lose Underwater
  38. Lose in the Crow's Nest
  39. Lose with the Snake
  40. Lose in the Swamp
  41. Lose in the Forest
  42. Lose in the Bee's Nest
  43. Lose in the Volcano
  44. Lose in the Bramble
  45. Lose on the Roller Coaster
  46. Lose among Machinery
  47. Lose to Krook
  48. Lose in the Haunted House
  49. Lose Frozen
  50. Lose in the Heat of the Jungle
  51. Diddy Wins!
  52. Dixie Wins!
  53. Final Fanfare
  54. Lose against K. Rool
  55. Game Over

Disc 3 (73 minutes)

  1. Dixie Beat
  2. Crazy Calypso
  3. Northern Kremisphere
  4. Hangin' at Funky's
  5. Wrinkl'ys Save Cave
  6. Get Fit A-Go-Go
  7. Wrinkly 64
  8. Brothers Bear
  9. Sub-Map Shuffle
  10. Swanky's Sideshow
  11. Cranky's Showdown
  12. Showdown Win
  13. Showdown Lose
  14. Bonus Time
  15. Bonus Win
  16. Bonus Lose
  17. Stilt Village
  18. Mill Fever
  19. Jangle Bells
  20. Frosty Frolics
  21. Treetop Tumble
  22. Enchanted Riverbank
  23. Hot Pursuit
  24. Water World
  25. Nuts and Bolts
  26. Pokey Pipes
  27. Rockface Rumble
  28. Jungle Jitter
  29. Cavern Caprice
  30. Rocket Run
  31. Boss Boogie
  32. Crystal Chasm
  33. Krematoa Koncerto
  34. Big Boss Blues
  35. Mama Bird
  36. Chase
  37. Baddies on Parade
  38. Game Over
  • Released in 1996 by Nintendo (retail $20.00).
  • The last two tracks on disc 1 and tracks 35-55 on disc 2 are bonus tracks following a number of empty silence tracks, and are without official titles
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Synthy and varied.

Reader review by Michael Alfera

The important thing to know about Donkey Kong Country Trilogy is, although all three discs are from the same series, the games were created at different time periods, and therefore the styles of music on each CD are noticeably different. From the soft, easy-listening style of DKC1 to the majestic, almost royal music of DKC2 full of strong percussion and strings, to the playful, fun music of DKC3, the variety on these discs doesn't disappoint.

All of the songs have a definite in-your-face synthesizer feel, and though it might have been the only technology available at the time, it seems intentional in creating a mood. For some reason I just don't think that a symphony playing even one of these songs would have the true intended effect. Below are reviews for each individual disc. I'm reviewing each one individually because of the style differences.

"The Original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack" is pretty fast-paced right from the start. Not to say that the songs are all frantic, though. Look at track 8 "Aquatic Ambiance". It's the most relaxing track of the whole trilogy. But most of the songs are quick and upbeat, even the ones in the minor key.

As I said before, the songs of "Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack" could be described as majestic. The songs on this CD are rather fast and *can* be classified as frantic. Exactly eight of the 29 tracks are in a major key, and two of them are slow and relaxed. I say this from a completely objective point of view. I mean, people who liked "J-E-N-O-V-A" from Final Fantasy VII will love this particular CD, but if you're more into "Ahead on Our Way", you won't.

As soon as you press play for the first track of "Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble", you can tell that this one's gonna be different from the other two. And it is. In fact, it's almost the opposite of DKC2. The songs are about half-and-half in terms of major and minor keys, and though the pace is still upbeat, the songs are much brighter. What do I mean? More saxes, piano, and trumpets, and less strings. This CD is my personal favorite of the three. That's probably because I can play the music from it on the piano - it's available from Doremi Sheet Music Publishing.

Personally, I like DKC Trilogy's songs. Like - not love, and not hate. The horrid synthesizer is really different from the soundtracks you hear today, but as I said before, the producers of these discs made no effort to "cover up" the fact that they used synth - they let it show. It creates an effect not exhibited by other soundtracks.

However, I really don't like the DKC2 soundtrack much at all. I hardly even listen to it, for one simple fact: It sounds *way* too "gamey". It's hard to describe. It just doesn't seem fitting to create a soundtrack out of it, kind of like the way you'd never sensibly strip music directly from a Game Boy game and put it on a soundtrack.

The persuasion I would use to get people to buy this CD is the fact that it's so much music for such a small price. There's bound to be a dozen or so tracks in all that you really like, and that are worth it. But to fully enjoy *all* the songs, you have listen with an open mind and definitely not compare them too strictly to other game OSTs.

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