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Solon Jhee Feb 13, 2008

I just began to remember good moments, hearing old snes songs. Nothing better for remember my beloved 90's when i played the DKC trilogy. Special case was, that DKC II is the best of the trilogy but i want to focus in songs. For me, "Stickerbush Simphony" from DKC II is the best song of all snes tracks, (and owns in VGM world for me) for sure and in a far second place the "fear factory" song from DKC I. Abput DKC III nothing much to say, but the soundtrack of the cascade stage (can't remember the real name) was amazing too. David Wise ? A GENIUS, but i don't know more of his productions, if someone could give me some recomendation of tracks produced by him.... thanks in advance ^^

pd: Bayou Boogie from DKC II another kickass track too if someone wants to listen some samples

Nemo Feb 13, 2008 (edited Feb 13, 2008)

"Stickerbrush Symphony" is a classic track, makes you feel kinda good inside, even me.    My second fav track is "Underwater Level - Water Music" from DKC.  Don't know about Mr. Wise, but for this style of music I recommend you check out some stuff from Chris Huelsbeck, definitely has the same vibe (must be a Euro vgm thing).

Wanderer Feb 13, 2008

I always thought that DKC2 was not only the best of the trilogy but it had the best music as well.

Warpstar Feb 13, 2008

Well, of the DKC series, Wise was only the sole composer for DKC2.

In the first DKC, a handful of tracks were also composed by Eveline Fischer (Simian Segue, Voices of the Temple, Forest Frenzy, Treetop Rock, Northern Hemispheres, Ice Cave Chant, Candy's Love Song) and Robin Beanland (Funky's Fugue); Wise did the rest.
In DKC3, he was barely involved at all. He only composed a few tracks (the title screen and file select themes, the Brothers Bear theme, the Wrinkly's cave themes, and the Bonus Game music), while Fischer handled the vast majority of the score.

As for what else he's done: he was Rare's only composer during their early days, so anything Rare developed before DKC was handled by him. Stuff like the "Battletoads" games, "Snake Rattle 'n Roll" (NES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive versions, each with different soundtracks), and the "Wizards and Warriors" series (NES) are probably the most well-known of that period.

After the original DKC trilogy, there's not too much. His notable works include Diddy Kong Racing, Star Fox Adventures, as well as composing an entirely new soundtrack for the Game Boy Advance version of DKC3.

Smeg Feb 13, 2008

Battletoads. Surf City is sublime.

Solon Jhee Feb 13, 2008

That's nice, didn't knew that he was the composer of battletoads and that stupid flying fox too xD. But in recent years he hasn't compossed anything?

seanne Feb 13, 2008 (edited Feb 13, 2008)

Solon Jhee wrote:

But in recent years he hasn't compossed anything?

Not an awful lot, no. Warpstar mentioned all of his post-N64 works save for the Diddy Kong Racing DS soundtrack. You should check his profile over at VGM Rush for more detailed information though.

Qui-Gon Joe Feb 13, 2008

The most recent major thing he did was StarFox Adventures, which is a brilliant score that really deserved a CD release.  Sadly that was right about when Nintendo Power stopped doing them (sigh... at least we got Eternal Darkness?).

Rimo Feb 13, 2008

David Wise is indeed one of the great European composers. Most people know him for the Donkey Kong Country titles, but it is actually amazing how many games he worked on before the year DKC was released (1994).

My favorite NES soundtracks of his would be:

- Wizards & Warriors (trilogy)
- Battletoads
- A Nightmare On Elm Street
- Time Lord
- Beetlejuice
- WWF Wrestlemania Challenge

Then there are the Battletoads released for the SNES, with excellent synth-rock music.

I suggest you to check them out if you want to become familiar with more of his works.

Oh, and there is also Star Fox Adventures that had a couple of interesting tunes, especially this masterpiece (very DKC-ish): Snowhorn Wastes

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